Thursday, July 10, 2008


The latest baby set is finished and it is cute. I have it modeled on my rabbit, Gulliver. My dog, Lexe, does not like anything fuzzy even if it is stuffed so she was very upset while I was taking this photo. She likes to have the rabbit in its proper place--in the closet out of sight. This was a very simple set to make. The bonnet and sweater were right off the label. The booties were from an antique web site and were very easy to make. The cost for the pattern was 99 cents and it was a good investment. My last venture was to duplicate a baby set from 30 years ago. I must have copied a hundred bootie patterns from all over the web but finally settled on the antique one. Goes to show--things (people, too) get better with age!! At least I like to think that is the case. Now I'm remaking the ruffled sweater that I made last winter. This time the client wants it is mulberry Lion Brand Wool-Ease chunky--it will be ready by October. Things just seem to come along about when I wonder what to do next. Of course, this does not always involve using my stash of yarn. Often I must buy new yarn to suit the client's color choice. Oh well, so far the moths have left my yarn alone. For now I will keep doing what I'm doing. Happy hooking everyone.

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VicJoRob said...

Love the baby set. Once you start doing baby things, I guess you can't stop.

BTW, just LOOOOVVVVEEE the new look for your blog. Great choice in color fo the background.