Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year and New Work

Hard to believe that it is now January 11, 2009! A new year has begun and I have made some new resolutions but am renewing my old activities with yarn. The scarf is for my cousin. I call it my harlequin scarf. It is quite long and used up 2 of my recent remaining skeins before they got added to my stash. So, while I'm not making much progress in using up my stash of older yarn I am not creating new stash. I started this blog to empty my yarn closet but so far all I have done is rearrange the yarn in it. It is fuller than ever because I had to store my hammock somewhere and then needed somewhere to put my exercise ball's empty box so when I decide to put it away, I'll have a box for it. The ball is rolling around in the living room where I might be able to find it and actually use it. Then again, maybe not. My intentions are always better than my actions. But one thing that I do faithfully is work with yarn. I made a sweater only to find that the sleeves were way too big around and too long. I seem to be sleeve challenged when it comes to sweaters. This is the 3rd one that I have made where I had to take it apart and remake the sleeves. The first one I gave away to someone with long arms; the 2nd one I gave to my friend, Victoria, who said she would fix it for her sister; this one I have taken apart and ripped the sleeves down to the beginning but haven't yet started the remake. Reminds me of the 8th grade in sewing class when the pattern didn't fit and instead of fixing it, I just threw it away and made another item. Usually it didn't get thrown away but only stored in my closet for a period of time until I could throw it away. Kind of like left overs in the frig--you save them for a week or two with good intentions and then you toss them. That's my way with lots of things that either don't fit anymore or never fit but look good, shoes that are uncomfortable but look terrific, clothes that are new but you wonder why you bought them, etc., etc., etc. You get the idea. Now I am getting ready for a trip to Mexico for vacation. You might ask 'vacation from what' since I am retired now and have a very relaxed life with no obligations to speak of....but everyone needs a change of scenery. The coverup in my last blog entry was made for this vacation. I hope I get to wear it. So.....that's all for now.

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VicJoRob said...

I'm with you on the leftover thing, whether it be yarn, the fridge, mangled finished objects, or good books that are a bit of a bore to read. As you know, I've got my share of these. The scarf if truly deserving of its name. Hope your cousin likes it. When do you leave for your trip?