Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Doldrums

I'm knitting away on my lap throw using the moss stitch. So far so good. (I added a picture) I still prefer crochet though so I'm also making a scarf out of the yarn remaining after making the cover up. It is so soft and my mind can watch TV and movies while I crochet much easier than it can when I knit. That's probably because of all the crocheting I've done but.....I don't see me knitting that much in the future. But NEVER say NEVER! Today is gray and cloudy and I'm ready for a vacation. Right now, Lexe (my poodle) is curled up in her soft bed under my desk and I'm trying to find computer sites which explain how to speed up the startup process. I think 5 minutes to boot to the desktop is excessive but I'm afraid to delete any files until I know that they are not essential. I'm telling you computers are not for the faint of heart. So far I've spent hours trying to speed it up....one could argue that it would take hundreds of slow boots to equal the number of hours I've spent working on it but....it's the challenge of the hunt I guess. Wish me well!

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