Thursday, February 19, 2009


I sure hope spring is on the way. Today the cold wind is blowing and the sunny sky is misleading. But, I am back from my travels to Mexico with a bit of a tan and ready for warm weather. Didn't even pick up my hook on the trip. Took my trusty recycled yarn and pattern just in case I wanted to start my wrap but didn't do it and haven't started it yet. I did finish the sweater that I had to remake---the sleeves were too long and too big around---so that is done as you can see. It came out very nice and I'm pleased. I think the flowers make it even better so guess I'll make another using the same pattern.

Also finished my dog's sweater--she models so nicely but doesn't really enjoy it. She is almost 10 years old. Yikes! That's almost 70 in human years. Can't believe she has been part of our family that long. Hate to think of her getting old...but it happens to all of us. As they say 'you can't get out of this life alive' but we can try! So now I'm working on another sweater pattern using my stash of Homespun in candy apple red. I am making inroads into my stash but ever so slowly. For now I'm focused on a treadmill with a motor. I have the old fashioned kind that Jane Fonda touted back in the 1980's which was walked on it to make it cycle. Well, that is much too much exercise and mine has been resting in the family room as a rack for yarn bags. Every now and then I move the bags and try to use it but alas, it is just too hard to walk on the darn thing so I am getting an electric one very soon. That will be the focus of another blog entry with the old one and then the new one. So that's all for me for now. All is well in my world. I'm off to watch a movie and work on my red sweater.

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VicJoRob said...

Did you change the flower? I don't remember it being brown.