Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring is Here

Well, as you can see from the photo, we got a last gasp of winter this past Monday. We woke to 8 inches of snow--the most in several years. It was beautiful but even Lexe is ready for spring. Cute as she looks in her sheepskin coat, she is ready to run free. And, today is lovely with 70 degrees and a real feel of spring. Soon the flowers will be in bloom and the snow a distant memory. And, we can get back to working on the deck and installing the spa. I am not out of yarn....not even close to being out. When I get the hammock out of the yarn closet it will look empty but the yarn remains just about the same as a year ago. Why is that? It's much faster to buy new yarn than to use up existing yarn. I've been working on a wool afghan using the Canadian yarn a friend gave me and it is slow nose itches constantly since I am allergic to wool but I'm half finished with the 1st one. Yes, there's enuf yarn for two. I'm thinking of felting them just to see how that looks. A friend of mine who makes hats has experimented with felting but from a hat to an afghan is a leap. I'm expecting 40% shrinkage which means I must make the original almost twice as long and twice as wide as I want it to be when felted. Hmmmm. Maybe that will use all the yarn in one afghan. Stay tuned for the completed project. In the meantime, must get busy on a half moon shawl for a friend of mine. I'm using Lion Brand Suede in Aqua and it will be beautiful. Later.....

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VicJoRob said...

SHeepskin coat! Did you make that for Lexe? THe snow looks good. Of course, the only unmelted snow is that crap that lies in heaps in many shopping plaza parking lots. Wonder when they will disappear. Perhaps by Monday?

Can't wait to see the felted afghans. What color is the yarn? I seem to recall that there were several different colorways. Talk to you later.