Sunday, June 28, 2009

6th Photo in 6th Folder in My Pictures

Well, you can't say that I don't do what I am asked. However, there is only one photo in the 6th folder and it is of my favorite model, my poodle. Lexe is her name and she is the best. You can see in this photo where she models her T-shirt...she is very vain. Must take after her poodlemama! Anyway, she is nine years old and has the run of the house. She rules the house. She appears in many of my yarn project photos and is best wearing the baby outfit which I have also included here. This picture came about as a result of spreading the items out on a round red tablecloth which Lexe immediately lay down on. So, I put the christening gown on her and took this picture. I took this request to mean the 'My Pictures' folder on my hard drive and not the picture folders archived to my external drive where I have photo folders beginning in the 1950's. Those might have been more interesting but this is the one current. Now I have done my duty. too bad, but I don't have any bloggers to send this to except for the one that sent it to me. 'Tag, you're it Under Victoria's Hat.' Also, Happy 50th Birthday!

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