Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beginnings of Charm School Shrug

It is a start. I like the yarn and the pattern so now I just need to have time to work on it. We have a new 'pet' which is occupying a lot of time. Actually, it is a new HP Desktop with lots of bells and whistles so we have been trying to make it work and act like the old computer. Alas, this one has Vista and the old one had XP and the two are not the same. So ..... we are buying some new 64 bit software and trying to get older 32 bit stuff to work. Some does and some just crashes the machine. I'm the technogeek so I am the one fixing and messing with the machine. I loooooooooooove it! But it is interfering with my crocheting. But now we are up and running so I can sit and not run ..... but work on my crochet projects. Here is the current one. Pretty color (a gift from my crochet buddy) but pattern and my gauge check calls for a G hook. So, it isn't going very fast! But wait, I'm supposed to be relaxing. No deadline. That's what retirement is about. Right? After almost 2 years you'd think I'd remember. Not yet! Well, time to go crochet. Stay tuned for the final picture.

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