Monday, May 31, 2010

Burgandy Sweater Finished

As you can see from the pictures, the sweater turned out quite nice.  I added the collar from a pattern I had used for another sweater to give the sweater some style.  The unfinished neckline called for in the pattern looked unfinished to me.  Anyway, the sweater is longer and loosely fitting so it can easily be worn as a light jacket with jeans or leggings.  I seem to have trouble with my gauge even though I do measure as I go so maybe I need to use a smaller hook to get tighter stitches.  My crochet skill is still a work in progress.  Guess that means that I'll always have something to work on as I start, frog, and start again.  All of my yarns are used at least twice by the time the product is finished due to my gauge challenges.  Oh well, it keeps me occupied and that is what crochet is all about.  I simply love the feel of the yarn in my hands and seeing it turn into something wearable....even if the something turns out to be larger than expected.  Now I'm working on a new item so stay tuned for my next challenge.  A red sweater of some kind.  Why red???  I don't even like red but the yarn was on sale and it is a nice DK weight.  I'm moving away from my afghan weight yarn.

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