Monday, July 12, 2010


We took Shaunti outside for the first time on Sunday and just happened to be near Lexe's remembrance stone.  When my husband was editing this picture of Shaunti, he said she had such a quizzical look on her face it was as though she was seeing something so he inserted the photo of Lexe as a ghost image and entitled it 'Welcome Shaunti.' We thought it made a nice transition from one loved poodle to the new one taking her place.  Shaunti is such a delight.  She weighs 2-1/2 pounds and is not quite as big as my tennis shoe.  She is 9 weeks old and has already turned our house into a nursery.  Right now she is sitting on my lap sound asleep but knowing that she is loved beyond imagination.  The game now is to take her outside so she can do her 'toilette' before she decides to use the rug.  So far she has been very good about going outside.  We must remember she is only 9 weeks old and all of this is new to her.  We picked her up Saturday afternoon after 6 hours driving through pouring rain.  It was to have been almost 4 hours but that was without the rain or the 4 accidents along the way.  But, it was all worth it.  When we saw the little fur bundle we forgot all about the drive.   She is perfect.  This last picture is entitled 'Wow, it's  big world out here but I know I'm safe.'  You can expect to hear lots more about Shaunti.  She will become my model of my yarn products and will grow up to be silver just like Lexe. 

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