Friday, July 16, 2010

Shaunti's 1st Yarn Project

Here is my new helper and I use that term loosely.  I am making squares because anything requiring concentration would be impossible.  Right now she likes to pull on the yarn and chew on it.  She has needle sharp teeth and is not very gentle.  You can see how small she really is since the square is 12 inches and she is much smaller.  She will grow like a weed so we are enjoying her tiny self and taking lots of pictures.  You can already see her silver undercoat.  She will be silver as her fur grows and she gets trimmed.  She had her first vet visit yesterday and wrapped them all around her little paw....they were very happy for us to have a new little one.  Life is good!  Lots of yarn for me, lots of yard for my husband to work in, and a new puppy.  What else could we want?  Oh I'm sure we could think of something but we're very happy with what we have.  Shaunti is a pip!!!

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VicJoRob said...

Gorgeous pics! Even more gorgeous pup! So glad you both are enjoying you new addition. It looks like Shaunti's personality is starting to bloom.

BTW, like the new avatar pic. You two look great together.