Friday, September 23, 2011


What fun I'm having making all these things for a craft show later this year.  I discovered that the Lion Brand's Fun Fur is fun to work with as long as you use large hooks and a soft 2nd or 3rd strand of yarn.  I just made a hat and a scarf using  Lion Brand's Tweed in Marble and Fun Fur in Lava.  It was fast and looks like it will be something that will sell.  I'm thinking of getting some more fur to go with my Homespun.  Wouldn't candy apple red and red fur be a pretty combination?  I have lots of the candy apple red Homespun.  Just never sure what I would do with I may have a project.  Today it is raining!  Pouring!  We don't need more rain but guess the rain gods aren't listening.  Anyway, it's a good day to sort out some yarn projects, take some pictures, and post my results on my Ravelry Page.  Here are the recent project pictures.  Now it's time to go back and work on the Doily Shawl by Doris Chan

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ponykeg said...

Beautiful, as always!! Looks like it will keep especially warm in the winters up there! Good luck and it looks like a winner to me!!!! Can't wait to see the candy apple red one!!