Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Spring Like Day in November

Hard to believe that today is November 14th.  It is 70 degrees and sunny.  The leaves crunch under foot and it just doesn't feel like mid November.  Enjoy it while it's could  snow a foot tomorrow.  Yes, it's been that kind of weather, changeable.  But, I have been steady in my crocheting and in knitting on my cousin's shrug.  I have completed a 2nd skein of yarn and another 4 inches of shrug....only 30 inches to go now.  I'll get it done soon.  I can only knit for so long before I wear out so in between time I made this lovely hat for the HAP group.  Check out their activities at their site.  Soon I'll have a cowl to go with the hat.  Both were made from Lion Brand yarns.  The orange is Jiffy's Rust and the other is Tweed's Woodlands.  The V-Stitch Beret and Cowl pattern was designed by Mara Callahan.  So, gotta go finish the cowl.  The model is unnamed at this time but she is happy to just be sitting wherever I place her.  Life is Good!!!

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