Friday, November 18, 2011


Well, I've been in a computing mood lately.  After going to National Theatre and seeing 'Jersey Boys' I had to have some clips so I could continue to enjoy the songs and singers.  We so enjoyed the play.  Oh What a Night!  And this was in 2011 not 1963!  It was a great play.  I recommend it to anyone who has not seen it.  In between downloading some clips and playing the songs, I finished two more projects for my charity work.  Sometimes things just go together fast and these two did.  Today I even cleaned out the yarn closet to see what is there and what needed to be rearranged so I can find it.  Threw out a big box that originally had yarn in it but was now just storing miscellaneous skeins.  Now I have everything in its place in plastic see-through bags.  Much easier to pick and choose that way.  Let's see if I reduce my stash significantly between now and December 31st.  The problem is much of what is left is lace weight and this takes a long time to crochet into a shawl.  So, now for the finished two items.

First is the scarf out of Lion Brand's Jiffy yarn that matches the beret.  The pattern called for a cowl but I turned it into a keyhole scarf and added a shell edging.  The second hat just finished today was with Red Heart Zoomy yarn which has been discontinued but was perfect for this slouchy beret designed by Ellen Gormley.  Both are in the bag to go to the charity fairs scheduled for the end of November. 

Made from V-Stitch Cowl & Beret Pattern
Slouchy Beret by Ellen Gormley in Red Heart's Zoomy Yarn

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