Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Sunny and Bright

It has been a while since I was able to get on line.  Due to a computer failure, a complete reinstall of the operating system TWICE was required and totally used up my modem allowance so I was silenced for almost 3 weeks.  I would not have thought it would be so difficult to not be on the Internet....thank goodness I had a smartphone with it's own account and my trusty iPad.  At least I could check email even if I couldn't send pictures or post pictures to my favorite craft site, RAVELRY.  I'm now back.  So far the month of February has been beautiful.  Can't believe that we have had no snow and it looks like the President's Day storm has missed us.  We just may make it to spring with only a skiff of snow the entire winter.  As for me, I've been crocheting.  Finished two afghans for my greatniece and greatnephew.  I hope they will like them.  They are a surprise.  I met these nice kids when I visited my brother's family in October.  They are the children of his stepson, Greg and Greg's wife, Amy.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Amy since she was out of town on business.  That will have to be my next visit.  Anyway, back to the afghans.  I found out their favorite colors and did the afghans in those colors.  I'll be mailing them this week so can't wait to see the look on their faces when they go to their grandparents (my brother and his wife) and there is a surprise box for them.  I'm enclosing a picture taken of us while I was visiting so they can put a face with the name.  Yarn is such a wonderful gift!
For Ashley
For Ashton
The crimson afghan is made using the pattern Jacob's Ladder.  It was such fun to see it take shape when I created the ladders.

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ponykeg19 said...

Love usual, my friend!!! And I find it easier to upload pics to ravelry from my phone than to hook up the wire, find the file and upload it to the site.
Hope you are well!!!