Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is Almost Here--I Can Feel It in Air

March always makes me think it should be warmer than it is.  Today, though, is going to be near 70 and that is nice and warm.  My Daphne is blooming and smells divine.  I am so happy to see the little pink blossoms...just wish there were more so the fragrance would simply knock me over.  This brings back fond memories.  When I lived in Oregon, there was a huge Daphne outside the living room window and since it is never very hot in Oregon we kept the window open so the fragrance could waft in.  It was lovely.   Anyway, after much ado on my part, we found several plants at a nearby nursery.  They are not native to this area but according to the plant expert, should be okay as long as they like their location.  How do you ask a plant where it wants to be planted?  The expert said they don't like to have wet roots so be prepared to lose 50% of the plants.  And, yes, we bought the plant anyway.  We bought two just in case and planted each in a different location.  Good thing we did.  One died before the summer was over.  The second one is thriving so we guess it likes the spot we chose for it.  Too bad this blog doesn't have a scratch and sniff capability because you would love the fragrance.  Enough about plants.

 In between monitoring the weather and watching for blooms on the Daphne, I have been crocheting and managed to finish two afghans using Herrschners Worsted 8 Yarn for my niece and nephew.  These are shown in the earlier post just under this one.  I have finished two shawls, one for a friend and one for a gift.  It's a wonder that I get anything else done since I spend most of my time crocheting.  Oh wait, I don't do much else.  I heard that one shouldn't get too stressed out and especially not as we get older so....I don't.  I do what I pretty much want to do.  Retirement is the only way to go.  Too bad we have to work 40+ years to get to this fun time.  Makes us appreciate it I guess. Here are my recent crochet items.

Tessellating Pine Cone Pattern by Maria Merlino- Using Knit Picks Jalapeno Yarn

Tessellating Pine Cone Pattern by Maria Merlino - Using Knit Picks Honey Dew Yarn

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