Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall is Around The Corner - Need Shawls?

Today is another glorious day.  The temperatures have been in the 80's and we have been enjoying outside projects.  Well, to be honest, only my husband has been outside.  I have stayed inside working on using up my stash.  That sounds like a wasted effort though since I just added 6 new skeins of lace weight.  In my defense, I had to do it.  When reviewing all of my remaining yarn, I discovered my closet was sorely lacking in enough lace yarn to make a good sized shawl.  I'm guessing that when the original designers made 50 gram skeins (430 yards/402.5 meters) of yarn they expected the artisan (that's folks like me) to make smaller projects.  I like big shawls so had to supplement my stash with additional skeins to provide enough yarn to finish the patterns that I was using.  So, to make a long story short, I bought more yarn.  I won't be buying any lace yarn for a while.  Guess I'll be using up this stash and then moving back to my tried and true stash yarns.  One of these days I'll finish it all and have an empty closet (eye rolls here).  There are so many patterns to choose from but I've discovered that even with my many years of crocheting, the lace shawl patterns are not that easy to follow so I keep going back to ones that I've made before with known results.  Most of these were free while the purchased patterns often were too difficult for me to follow while listening to books or watching TV.  If I have to concentrate on the pattern, I usually lose interest.  Here are some pictures of my latest completions with the patterns used.  I recommend the yarn and the patterns if you like to make pretty lace shawls.  If you want to see all the shawls I've made this year, click on this link:
My Shawls in 2012

Eva's Shawl by Milobo in Knit Pick's Shimmer Yarn

Lorna's Lace in Tickled Pink  
by Cheri McEwen's Morpho Shawl

Tessellating Pine Cones by Maria Merlino  
in Lorna's Lace Bittersweet Fingering

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VicJoRob said...

Love the shawls! You are really pounding away at them this year -- 21 to date. And I am surprised how many are in lace weight, knowing how much you love worsted weight. Of course, the Flying Diamonds is one of my all time favorites. One can never go wrong on that one. I think you are right in that the Peacock Shawl is a better version of its not so easy cousin, the Tessalating Pines. All in all, job well done.