Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shawl for Ravelry During 2012 Olympics

What fun.  It took me three patterns before I decided to go with one that I made several times before, Flying Diamonds by Vicki Mikulak.  I wanted to be sure that it was a pattern easy to follow and one that I could make while watching the exciting events without missing stitches.  I was successful.  I finished the shawl and enjoyed watching the swimming events.  Also loved the beach volleyball and was so happy when Misty May and Kerri Walsh won their 3rd gold medals.  Anyway, the shawl I made is below.  I used some stash yarn in pewter gray and one of my favorite shawl patterns.  The yarn is lovely and I have enough remaining to make another shawl or even a wrap.  No decision required yet. 

It seems that the weather has broken.  Today it is only 80 and very low humidity.  Wouldn't it be nice if the hottest days are over for this year?  We are never happy are we?  We have controlled climate in our houses and still we complain about the weather.  Not me.  I just stay inside with my yarn and enjoy whatever I am working on.  Who knew I could be so at peace with just my books and yarn....and Shaunti, of course.  And, of course, my wonderful husband who keeps my life sane.  So before we all drown in mush, here's the picture of my latest shawl.  I must get back to my book and finish 'Echo In The Bones' so I can start over with my Outlander series.  Thank you, Diana Gabaldon, for writing these books. 

Closeup to Show Stitch Pattern

Lovely Drape Using Lyndon Hill Yarn in Mirage 112