Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!  It's 2014!  A brand new slate with no least not yet.

Today is a beautiful blue sky and cold day.  Enjoying the peace of a new year.  My husband is rustling in the kitchen making his blue berry pie.  It has become a tradition along with a prime rib roast and asparagus.  We had the black eyed peas for lunch.  Can't risk our good luck so we eat them faithfully every January 1st.  Don't tempt fate!  One year we had to go out and buy a can so we would not risk breaking our chain.  My mother would be so proud.  This was her tradition after all.

Now it's time to crochet some more and continue to empty my closet.  It is amazing the amount of yarn that I used up last year.  Hundreds if not thousands of yards made into something wearable.  It served a dual purpose, used up yarn AND kept me occupied.  Look at the difference in my yarn closet from when I started trying to reduce it in 2006  and then look at it today!  What a difference.
Yarn Closet As Of January 1, 2014

Yarn Closet at Beginning of This Emptying Quest July 29, 2006

Now I have to resist buying more yarn to fill in the empty spaces.  What would I do without my audible books, movies, and yarn?  I'd have to go back to work.  I mean real work with lots of stress and all that stuff.  Instead I get to stay home and do what I please.  My only stress is what to start crocheting next and when to take my poodle out to chase the Frisbee.  She usually lets me know by sitting by the cabinet with an expectant look on her face.  Soon, Mom!  Please, Please!!!

Guess it's time to go please the poodle.  Happy New Year Everyone!  Be Safe!  Be Happy!  And, most of all, Be Wise!

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