Saturday, March 22, 2014

Finished Spring Afghan

Well, here it is another Saturday and the last one in March 2014.  Where does the time go?  Today I am being a surrogate bird mom for my neighbor's cockatiels and her giant macaw, Pierre.  They are noisy pets, the pop tarts (those are what we call the cockatiels) chirp and cheep as soon as I open the outside door.  Pierre is more subdued and waits until he gets into the kitchen on his chair before squawking quite loud and asking for a cracker.  He is very smart.  He doesn't miss flying around since he was hatched in captivity and never learned to fly.  His mom is his flock.  Nature is amazing.  But I digress, this is about the spring afghan completion.

If you have been reading my sporadic blog posts, you know that my goal from the beginning has been to empty my yarn closet.  I'm making progress ever so slowly but still it is emptying.  The latest afghan was a real stash buster.  It is made from 2,005 yards of white, 501 yards of colored cottons, and 338 yards of black trim.   And, it came out quite nicely.  It took some mixing and matching to get the squares to look as good as they could with different shades of aran and limited amounts of each of the colored cottons but all in all it is quite presentable.  I put it on my neighbor's guest bed as a surprise.  This is the neighbor who has the birds I'm mothering this weekend.  I know she'll like it because she saw it when she stopped by last week when the afghan was in its final stage....the squares were laid out on the floor in the final design but not yet put together.  See what you think.
Sunny Spread by Ellen K. Gormley

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