Friday, July 25, 2014

Crocheting While Listening to Outlander's Book 8

It's hard to believe that it is now July 25th and only a week to go until the Outlander TV series on Starz begins.  Those of us who are obsessed with these books (apparently there are thousands or even millions if the fan pages on Facebook are any indication) have been waiting for this day to come.  Too bad that you must be a subscriber to Starz through a TV cable network to be able to see it.  I'd pay just to be able to access the show on Starz on the internet but even then you must be a TV cable subscriber.  I'm sure some enterprising soul will figure out how to make it available but it would be nice if Starz would figure out how to post it on their site and let individuals buy access directly.  Oh well.  I'm through with my rant now.  I have it in my queue on Netflix so I will get the DVD set but that will be w-a-a-a-a-y later than August 2nd!  And so it goes.

I have been crocheting while catching up on the series again on audible.  And, here are a couple of my latest projects.  The pink wave afghan show below I gave to my vet who was surprised and thrilled.  We had to take Shaunti (our poodle) in for a check up and discovered that her vet was very pregnant.  So, since I had this lovely pink afghan just waiting for a home we gave it to her for her 2nd daughter.  The green afghan below is for the vet tech who was helping.  She is also pregnant.  Seems there is something going around....maybe in the water....just kidding.  At least I know that these two afghans are going to good homes.
Wavy Squares Designer: Heather Tucker
Special Memories Designer: Terry Kimbrough
I'm happy that these two afghans will be going to some special people.

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