Thursday, January 8, 2015

Already January 2015

How did it get to be January 8 already?  Today is a beautiful but cold day.  It is about 20 degrees F with snow on the ground.  The birds are everywhere.  I filled all the bird feeders, the soot containers, and the block.  Can't have the little critters without food.  Now I'm free to update my computers and generally do whatever I decide.  I just finished making two pair of slippers.  These are not ordinary crocheted slippers but are Shark Slipper Socks.  My nephew, Greg, found a picture of a shark slipper on Facebook and sent me a message saying, "Isn't this something right down your alley?"  Well, I took that as a challenge and decided to find the pattern.  It wasn't difficult to locate since when I clicked on the picture, it took me to the site of the designer.  So, I went to  Stacie's Etsy Shop and bought the pattern.  You can also buy the slipper/sock made by Stacie for $30 but I wanted to make my own. My husband suggested that I add a non-slip sole since the yarn would be slippery plus it would get very dirty since it was white--the color of the belly of a shark.  Here is the result of my effort.  I had to place the non-skid material against the machine since it would not sew on yarn.  This is why the stitching is not in a straight line.  Couldn't see what I was doing.

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