Saturday, November 21, 2015

Almost Thanksgiving and We Need It

Time has flown again.  I'm guessing it's either old age or too much fun.  I prefer blaming it on having too much fun.  We've been on an anniversary trip to San Francisco in June and a birthday trip to Florida in October.  So, that sounds like too much fun to me.

Anyway, we decided that we needed to treat ourselves to a repeat of our San Francisco honeymoon.  We returned to the scene of the crime, so to speak, just to see what had changed since 1970.  You might say 'A LOT CHANGED' but you'd only be partially correct.  While there were changes obviously, there were so many things that remained the same and that we could visit and remember when.  We rode the cable cars, of course, and visited Coit Tower and Sausalito and The Fisherman's Wharf.  We stayed in The Argonaut Hotel which is right on the corner of The Cannery and the cable car turnaround at Fisherman's Wharf.  It was great fun.  We prided ourselves on remembering places, and wandered all around Coit Tower looking for the same background of the city that we had taken in 1970.  We were sure 'this was the place.'  Well, the city was still there but the shrubbery was now 40 feet tall and blocked the view.  You could see the same view but it was now only visible through the shrubbery.  

Ghirardelli Square was still there but it didn't have the same thrill that it had the first time we visited.  We did buy a special Yaps Wrap for Shaunti.  She got the souvenir this time.

We spent a nice week reminiscing and then we came home.  Our fur kid was happy to see us.  We spent the rest of the summer around home, and Murray painted the house.  Yes!  The Whole House!  Not a small chore let me tell you.

To reward ourselves for Murray's effort, we decided we'd spend his birthday in Florida.  He insisted that he drive so I crocheted.  Not a bad deal for me.  Except for lots of rain on the way south, it was a fun time.  This was the rainstorm that flooded Charleston, SC.  Fortunately, we were a few days ahead of the storm so avoided any big problems.  We enjoyed some sunshine and had a great meal in St. Augustine's, Florida, enroute to the Tampa area where we spent a week at Caliente Resort.  It is a beautiful place.
Now we are home getting ready for fall and winter.  We have no travel plans but are open to new adventures in case one or two may arise.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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