Tuesday, March 8, 2016


It feels like spring today.  Sunny and calm with a hint of warmth in the air.  Makes me want to go out and toss the Frisbee for Shaunti.  She'd like that too.  Later.....maybe.

For now, here are some finished projects.  I made the cowls to use up the lovely yarn I purchased last year.  The Red Heart Medley is soft and washable.  These will make someone a nice neck warmer.  I'll hold for now until cooler weather.

Next on my list is an afghan in a lacy blue for a friend of mine.  Had to order the yarn so just as soon as it arrives, I have the pattern and will be crocheting.  My yarn closet has bulged again after almost being emptied but it made me nervous to be able to see the back.  I ordered some standby yarns for future afghans and then had to get some cotton for a friend's potholders and now ..... well you get the picture.  My closet runneth over.  The cowls were all made with Red Heart Medley and using a K size hook.  Now I'm off to enjoy the spring weather.

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