Monday, July 25, 2016


Whew, today was hot.  Even the air felt hot when the breeze blew.  And, of course, Shaunti had to play Frisbee.  Since I was already sweaty from walking, I spoiled her and took her out.  After about five throws and catches I decided she must be hot and called it quits.  She turned around and carried the Frisbee into the house.  It felt good to get inside again.  Hard to believe she is now 6 years old.  She is just like a little fur person.

Murray has been finishing up the ceiling in our livingroom with stained panels inserted into the coffers.  It is beautiful.  Today he finished it up so onward to another project.  I hope he decides to work inside since it is much too hot to do anything outside.  He isn't a spring chicken anymore....well, to be honest, not for some time.  

I've been crocheting rectangles again for the HAPpy Project in Ohio which took up where HAP here in Maryland ended.  After over 10,000 afghans and several years of coordination, Deborah decided to call it quits.  Two sisters from Ohio decided to sponsor a much smaller endeavor but has still mnaged to send many afghans to wounded warriors.  I am just happy to contribute yarn and rectangles.

Other than these small efforts, I have done nothing word blogging about.  You might say that this wasn't worth it either but I made a commitment to try to post something more than once a year so....this is what you get.

Here is a picture of the ceiling.  Stay Cool!

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